Largest U.S. Investment in CS Education

Through its historic, innovative Tech Talent Investment Program, the Commonwealth of Virginia, donors, and corporate partners are investing more than $2 billion to expand Virginia’s tech talent pipeline, doubling the number of graduates each year in computer science and closely related fields. Additionally, Virginia higher education institutions already produce roughly 12,000 tech-related degrees and certificates annually in areas ranging from computer science to modeling and simulation.

Annual tech talent graduates anticipated by institution, pictured at right.

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Investments to add ~32,000 BS / MS grads in CS and related fields: 

  • ~$675M in undergrad education, including 250-300 new faculty lines, startup packages, capital projects (new buildings and labs), and operational support
  • ~$375M in graduate education, including 50-75 new faculty lines, startup packages, capital projects (a new tech campus plus new buildings), and operational support
  • $25M in tech internships/ apprenticeships in higher education
  • $25M in K-12 computer science education (e.g., professional development, online curricula)
  • ~$900M in philanthropic gifts and corporate partnerships