Virginia is Home to the First Subsea Cable Connections in the Mid-Atlantic

Virginia Beach is the landing point for four new transoceanic fiber cable connection points: MAREA, owned by Microsoft and Facebook and operated by Telxius, brought an ultra-high-speed 200 terabit fiber optic cable from Bilbao, Spain, to Virginia Beach in 2018. BRUSA, owned and operated by Telxius , brought the second cable from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Virginia Beach in the 2018. BRUSA is the highest capacity subsea cable connecting the Americas, with ultrafast transmission capacity reaching up to 138 Tbps. SAEx will be the only system connecting South Africa directly to the U.S. Dunant, owned and operated by Google, connects the French Atlantic Coast to Virginia Beach and is the first private trans-Atlantic cable built by a non-telecom company.