A world-class place to move information, people, and goods.

Hampton Roads is a global gateway that offers unparalleled connectivity. The region is home to the two highest capacity (160 terabits/second) transatlantic subsea cables in the world, and the Port of Virginia is one of the Top 6  Most Advanced Ports in the U.S. As both a digital and maritime port, Hampton Roads has the infrastructure in place to support Project Topeka’s requirements.

  • The two airports in Hampton Roads provide over 160 flights per day to 26 airports of which 17 are major hubs and international gateways.
  • 60% of residents work in a different city than they live, giving the region a cohesive culture and community.
  • Residents enjoy an average commute time of 24 minutes. Just 22% of the region is congested during peak commute times, compared to nearly 60% in larger cities like Los Angeles.
  • The Northeast Regional Amtrak route, which runs between Boston and multiple points in Virginia, connects the Hampton Roads area with both the Mid-Atlantic region and the Northeast corridor.